PAS-CYCLE offers an effective sustainability solution to our clients. 

Basically, what we are offering is an upcycling solution for the serial production.

Result is a highly value added, environmentally conscious product which can be produced in a big scale.

It is a traceable process and reduces the energy and water consumption tremendously.

We use the production leftovers or obsolete inventory to design and produce upcycled garments.

Our method consists of the following steps:

We stock and classify the leftovers. 

We understand the design requirements of our clients. 

We evaluate the available materials that can be used in the specific garments. 

We prepare the upcycle design options and work on the requested changes to finalize the prototype. 

We organize the handling and preparation process for the serial production. 

We produce the upcycled garment in line with our clients’ standards.

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